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CEG (Clean Environment Gadget)
  • CEG (Clean Environment Gadget)



    With this tool, you will wind up your scrap, tangled, knotted nylon leader material and polyleaders at the river and take it home for easy, environmentally responsible disposal.


    Actually available in 5 colors (yellow, orange, green, light grey and dark grey). If you would prefer another color, please contact us and we will see what we can do for you


    • Magnetic closure
    • Use the included clip to attach it to your fly vest or to the speynergy guide gadget
    • hooked straps glued to the axle will grab the nylon and allow you winding it around the axle and storing it safely in the cylinder
    • No more nylon waste in your pockets with the risk of loosing it in the nature when taking other items out of the pockets of your fishing vest
    • slitted axle for inserting scissors


    No import --- Designed and produced by SPEYNERGY in Europe

    Degradable material (no plastic)

    VAT Included
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