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The goal with our rod designs is to get in the zone as quick as possible and for as long as possible. The zone is that state of flow thing you have when you are totally submerged in the act of it itself. In the here and now. It has nothing to do with skill level, it just happens. And we make it happen.


The question we hear the most with people trying to learn how to cast (a double handed) rod is:
„what line do i match with this rod?“


The answers to this question are multi dimensional and consider:


  • the environment you fish in and the given conditions

  • the style of fishing and the size of the fly to be cast

  • your personal skill level and/or preference


So far fly rods have been classified in so called AFFTA (former ATFMA) line ratings. This system is over half a century old and line markets have exploded since. Every specialist in the world of fly fishing agrees that this system has major faults. So we decided to do away with it. Completely.

Some of the reasons why we do so are already mentioned above:

Line ratings cant do justice to what our rods (and you) can do with them. And in order to learn flycasting and to learn to feel the cast, its better not to listen to these 50 year old recommendations anymore and rather go for your own feel. Feeling a line through a rod is very important to us, and thats where we put all our effort in our rod designs in:


In order to cater for all occasions and possible rod/line combinations we came up with a new system of line weight recommendations. The Speynergy Lineweight Recommendations Chart. The data for these charts has been collected from our test casters of all types of skill levels. Most other Flyrod companies design Flyrods from Supercasters for Supercasters. Our design team has all skill levels involved to design a rod that will truly help you to become a better caster everytime you use it.It is the best service we can give our customers. You will find no better, more thought through lineweight recommendations anywhere in the market. Feel the difference and get in the zone.

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