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  • How much does the shipping cost?
    Shipping cost are calculated based on the size of the package and the region you are based. Cost for shipping will be added automatically to the item(s) in your basket. When opening your basket, you can view the total amount for shipping and packaging before you decide to place your order
  • Do you also ship to countries outside Europe
    Yes, we ship worldwide. Please contact us before ordering from a country outside Europe. We will then provide the information about the shipping cost and mode of payment to you.
  • Could you mail me a dealer list for your products?
    Sorry, we do not to sell our products to tackle shops. Our philosophy is to build high quality rods for those fishermen who do not intend to buy something off the shelf but something special at a reasonable price. To avoid excessive prices of our products due to intermediate businesses, we decided not to offer our products to tackle shops or whole sales businesses.
  • I have seen that you offer a personalization of the rods with a name, would it also be possible to get something else (for example the image of a specific fish or ...) printed on the rod?"
    We try to fulfill all possible wishes of our customers. Please get in contact with us via mail or phone, and we will try together to find a solution to include your personal wished design .
  • Why should you buy a speynergy rod?
    Speynergy rods are designed with the focus of getting you in the zone for as long as possible and as quick as possible. The zone is that kind of flow state where you become the cast yourself, and nothing else matters. That is where we want to be. In order to achieve that we designed a rod that can throw as many lineweights and tapers as possible. That makes our rods real allrounders and opens up a completely new way of thinking the cast. Our rods are THE OPPORTUNITY to become a better caster fast. They will teach you the way, if you practice and fish with multiple line set ups. Our line weight recommendation tables are designed by a team of casters of all skill levels and there is loads of suitable options for the right line choice for a given fishing situation. They are also intended to make you try and practice with a variety of lines for the above mentioned reason: this is how you become a better caster.
  • How can i order a customized rod and how long does it take?
    To order a customized rod pls get in touch with us personally via email or telephone. The duration period depends on the time of the season and the amount of orders and can take about 2 to 6 weeks.
  • What line do I use on a speynergy rod?
    Our rods come with a sophisticated line weight recommendation table. This is the first line weight recommendation that takes differerent styles as well as different requirements into account. The table is easy to read and the only recommendaton we give along with is: if in doubt, go heavier.
  • What species of fish to target?
    Our switchrods are designed with more target fish in mind than salmon and (sea)trout. Pike, hucho, asp, steelhead and light salt water angling. You name it, our rods will get you in the zone.
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